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6th Grade Supply List

    1- backpack (no wheels, pull out)

12- Blue or black ball point pens (NO Sharpie pens)

24- #2 pencils (yellow)

1- hand-held pencil sharpener with case that catches shavings (To be used at teacher discretion.)

12- Red pens (for grading NOT for doing work)

2- Yellow highlighters (YELLOW ONLY)

1- Zipper pencil bag (no pencil boxes)

4- Plain front, solid color (1 each: blue, purple, green, yellow) 70 sheet subject spirals.

2- Packages (500 sheets) wide rule notebook paper

2- Packages (500 sheets) copy paper

6- Boxes Kleenex

2- Large containers Clorox wipes

1- Bottle (10 oz.) hand sanitizer

1- 3 roll package paper towels

OPTIONAL – 1- 2” or smaller binder

** Additional supplies may be requested from each subject teacher after classes begin.

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