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    Christopher Columbus
         During the morning on Oct.12,1492, Christopher Columbus walked ashore on a Piece of land in America. It was one of the most important landings of history. At that time, the Europeans knew all about the Western Hemisphere. Columbus debuted a new world for exploring and living.     

          Columbus’ history making voyage from country to country  was not usual in two ways. One of them is, Columbus was not the first man to see America. About 500 years earlier, groups of Norsemen made visits to the coast of America.       

          But their settlements weren’t permanent, and later Europeans weren’t aware of their explorations. For centuries this was known that Columbus “Found“ America.                 

          Furthermore, Columbus arrived in America by accident. He was looking for a western ocean route from Europe to Asia. When he spotted America, he knew that he had reached his destiny. And to the day he died he still believed that he reached Asia.    

          Although Columbus was mistaken, he still ranks as a great explorer. Only his great talent at the sea and great leadership could have made it possible for the long voyage over the unknown ocean that medieval people called the sea of darkness.     

          The father of Columbus was Domenico Colombo. One of the great wool weaver. He owned a business in Genoa, Italy.          

          Christopher was born there in the late summer or 1451. He had barely any schooling. Him and his younger brother helped their father by carding wool. He grew up to be a tall, strong young man that had red hair and a healthy red complexion.       

          He didn’t talk much and was a very religious. and he was fast to learn from experience. He worked for  his father till he was 22 years old. He most likely went out with the sardine fishing groups, as most Genoese kids did, and he might have sailed along the coast to Corsica on a business trip for his father.          

          Genoese traders usually had their own coastal schooners, and Columbus’ dad might have had 1 of them. He made at least one trip to North African coast. On these longer trips. He learned elements of  seamanship.      

          In 1476 Columbus sailed as a common seaman aboard a  Genoese merchantman bound for Lisbon, Portugal; England and Flanders.             

          Since many Mediterranean nations were at war, the ship traveled in convoy. Off the south coast Portugal the convoy was attacked, and the ship. He swam to shore and made his way to Lisbon. Genoese friends took him in and later found him a berth on an Iceland-bound ship.             

           On his return he settled in Lisbon. At this time Portugal was the entire world’s biggest seafaring nation. 50 years before, Portuguese mariners began making important voyages of discovery under sponsorship of Prince Henry the pilot. Many Genoese had prospered in Lisbon, and Columbus saw his chance to become a sea captain under the Portuguese flag. 

    And the sea will grant each man new hope . . .
    his sleep brings dreams of home.
    — Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) Italian explorer

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